R5 Family Mag

23 Nov

UPDATE: I don’t need any more staff members for the time being. Sorry.

Hey, everybody! For a while now, I’ve been getting this extraordinarily crazy idea of an R5 magazine.

Here’s the concept:
The magazine will be quarterly. Basically, there will be one issue for each of the four seasons every year. The magazine will be published for free online and anyone can read it. The magazine will be run by the R5 Family and be geared for the entire R5 Family.

But to make this, I need staff.


  • Writers
    This is the most important job. I need people I can count on to write articles. The types of articles will be listed at the bottom of this page. Together, AS A GROUP, the staff will come up with articles that need to be written, and writers can pick which story they’d like to write. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you submit your story by the deadline. IF YOU DON’T THEN THE MAGAZINE WILL FAIL. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS.
    Whether you write articles for every issue or only once is up to you. You volunteer to write stories. DO NOT VOLUNTEER TO WRITE A STORY IF YOU CANNOT SUBMIT IT BY THE DEADLINE OR ELSE THE MAGAZINE WILL BE SCREWED AND I AM SERIOUSLY GOING TO MAKE YOU REGRET IT.*

    You can also take on editing jobs.

  • These are the types of articles that need to be written. (Remember, you sign up for individual articles, NOT an entire section):

    -Ask Betty. You know this. Come up with an alter ego, and give out advice to R5 Family members who ask you stuff. A fairly simple job. This can also be a group job.

    -News. What’s going on in the world of R5? Whether it’s tour-related, album-related, or whatever, I need coverage on the news. These articles must be long and thorough. Do NOT write them like a Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook update. I want a STORY. Check up on normal magazines for a better understanding.

    -Interviews. If you can get an interview with R5, or Andre, or Ryland, or one of the opening acts, or Mark, or Stormie, or anyone like that and you’re willing to give it to us so we can publish it, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND FOR ALL ETERNITY. Oh and interviews that already exist or are done for another group/person/organization/whatever can’t be accepted (sadly.)

    -R5 Family Interviews. Heck, why not. We can poll the entire R5 Family or maybe do an R5 Family member of the month or something, you know?

    -Quizzes. Let’s face it, one of the coolest parts of any celeb mag is the quizzes. If you can come up with a fun quiz or game or something, then we can use it!

    -Posters. We ALL love posters. Now, it’s really really really really important you don’t violate ANY copyright laws or we’ll get into serious trouble. If you make a poster, make sure you have the full rights to the image (the rights to publish an image are WAY different than the rights to tweet one.). You need to know who took the photo and have their permission to publish it. (If you took the photo, that works!) Fan art works, too, but only once in a while.

    -Reviews. If you went to/will go to a show, you can review it and write about it! Reviews about, say, their album are good too.

    -Fanfictions. What better place to publish your R5 fanfiction than in a magazine that will willingly accept it? Just understand that it MUST be well-written. Like seriously. Also, don’t make yourself a band member’s love interest. Multi-chapters are perfect because we can publish one or two chapters per issue. Oneshots are great, though, too. NO RAURA FANFICTIONS, OKAY????

    -Features. Fan art, giveaways, contests, recipes, craft ideas, anything like that.

    Are you interested? If you are, then email me at tamara@ther5family.com with the subject line “R5 Family Mag”. If I accept you, YOU’RE IN! I’ll add you to the online group, where you can start signing up for jobs!

    Any questions? COMMENT NOW.

    *Sorry for the anger, but when I did the Forget About You video, I only got the videos from about six out of fourteen people and half of them were late. Needless to say, I was unable to make the video and now I have severe trust issues.

    If you can help by spreading the following image around, I would be really grateful. Spread it on tumblr, twitter, facebook, whatever you got! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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