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Summer 2014 Edition of R5 Family Mag is OUT!!

13 Jul

Can you believe it? The third issue of R5 Family Mag is finally released!

This magazine issue takes you diving into new content! Check out hot new videos, from the band and from the fans! There’s an ultimate feature of Darth Vader — or rather, Rydel. Test your knowledge of R5 and relax with fun games. Discover R5’s appearance at hot events such as Wango Tango or the Radio Disney Music Awards, meet and discover some passionate members of the R5 Family, enter a contest, and MORE in this hot new summer-themed issue of R5 Family Mag, the magazine for and by the R5 Family!

Be sure to check out R5 Family Mag’s website at and follow them on Twitter @R5FamilyMag.

When you’re done reading, leave a comment and tell us what you loved most!

R5 family magazine Summer 2014 Edition

April Fools with R5!

1 Apr

Last year, the R5 Family “dressed up” like R5 — on Twitter. They changed their icons and name, and for some they even changed their header and bio, and tweeted as if they were members of R5. It was one of the craziest role-playing things the entire family has done!

This year, they’re doing the same thing. Check it out!
(and the @boomansworId really isn’t Andre. They replaced the lowercase L with a capital I because l looks like I. IlIlIlllI)
image image[/caption]
image2 image2[/caption]
image1 image1[/caption]
image3 image3[/caption]
a href=””>image4 image4[/caption]
image5 image5[/caption]
image6 image6[/caption]




I’ll post more pictures later if I can :)

And it looks like R5 is taking the idea as well!











They beat us at our own game.

Happy 18th, Ross!

29 Dec

Hey guys! Sorry this post is late! But it’s still Ross’s birthday, so we’re good!

Anyway, in case you couldn’t tell by the title of this post, it’s Ross’s birthday!


R5….is now an adult band.

(PS. much of the R5 Family is in denial, so if you see birthday wishes for him 15th birthday or whatever, don’t be surprised. Haha.

Kellington :'(

11 Nov

Well, it’s true.
Kelly…and Ellington…*sniffs* AREN’T TOGETHER THEY BROKE UP WHYYYY

And today was supposed to be their 5th anniversary.

First off, a little background.

Kelly and Ellington were a couple for years. Kelly tweeted a while back that when she first saw Ellington, she thought he was really cute and that there was something special about him. The two were an adorable couple and the majority of the R5 Family shipped them and adored them.

For a month or two, rumors that Kellington had broken up were spreading like wildfire. The two didn’t tweet each other, and there were also some hints of a budding Rydellington romance. But of course, with no evidence, the rumors stayed as they were: rumors.

Until today.

In an interview by Fanlala, the very first question was “Who in the band is single?”


All five raised their hands.

Which means Ellington is single.

Now, this is great news for Ellington girls, as well as Rydellington, Rockliff, and Rosslingtin shippers. But the Kellington shippers out there are heartbroken.

HOWEVER, I will say this. They’re still friends. Kelly’s current icon was taken by Ellington.

And maybe I’m wrong, but this seems like evidence they’re still friends.

The cause of their breakup is currently unknown.

Let’s travel down memory lane to those times the two were still a couple.

















(btw, the icon was a edit of Ellington holding Surprised Patrick in his hand





On the bright side, this shoves all the Rocky&Alexa rumors down a hole.


Riker’s Twenty-Second Birthday!

8 Nov 20131108-072330.jpg

Tamara here.

Ohmygod, Riker’s 22.

So what are we doing?

Well, I, along with dozens of other members of the R5 Family, am wearing blue today, in honor of Riker’s favorite color. We’re also writing “The Blonde Warbler” on our wrists.

On Twitter, people are tweeting Riker. A lot. We’re also trying to trend #HappyBirthdayRiker. Pics of Riker are spreading around like wildfire.

I also have some pics of Riker, just like I did on Rocky’s birthday.








Just think. In one year, Riker won’t have to wish any longer that he was 23. :’)


Rocky’s New Tattoo

7 Nov

Tamara here.
Rocky got a tattoo.
And this is ON TOP of the new song and Riker’s birthday tomorrow.
Now, I’m the girl who makes sure a rumor is confirmed before I obsess over it, so trust me: when I say Rocky got a tattoo:
He got a tattoo.

Here’s the pic:


The tattoo parlor Rocky got the tattoo at posted that on Instagram.

Oh, and one more thing. My timeline on Twitter right now is really obsessive, going nuts. I’m just here thinking about how hot he looks and how bad this is that now I’m attracted to a long-haired guitarist with a tattoo.

Well,peace out!


R5’s #DancinOutMyPantsTour Kicks Off!

27 Oct 20131029-184422.jpg

Last night, in Dallas, Texas, R5 kicked off their latest tour, the Dancin Out My Pants Tour (I’m still confused as to if that’s the official name or not XD)

This tour will go through to 2014, and will finally really include shows in multiple countries!

You can see a list of the tour dates at Are you going to any of the shows? If you are, leave a comment! (I’m going to the Los Angeles show, YAY)

Below are some pictures from the Dallas show!

(If you have any more photos, please email them to

Fun Facts About This Tour:

-Brandon & Savannah will be opening again for R5 in one of the shows! Did you miss them? Haha.
-Ryland is going to open for R5 as a DJ. In fact, the Dallas show was his second show as a DJ. Can you believe it? Ryland on stage and not setting up equipment! Yay! How awesome is that?? (oh my god I’m starting to sound like Laura Marano) -Do you have more fun facts? Leave them in a comment!

R5: NOT a Kids’ Band

19 May

As many members of the r5family know, R5 isn’t exactly a good, clean band. Let’s explore why not:

Video: I made this video:

Included in the video:
-In a cover of “Gives You Hell”, Riker sings “hell” and “damn”
-In a cover of Beverly Hills, Rocky sings “crap”
-At the end of “Can’t Get Enough of You”, Ross falls off his skateboard and says, “Oh crap”
-On his 17th birthday, Ross receives a heart shaped guitar and he says he’s gonna “rock the crap” out of it.
-Going paragliding, Ross yells, “Holy shit!”
-The day before his sweet sixteen, Ryland tweeted that in 24 hours, he’ll be sixteen. He also says ooooooooooooo shit
-The next day, he’s mentioning Ross and he says “damn”
-A fan threw a condom on stage and Ross and Rocky clearly noticed it.

Not included in the video:
-Ross especially tends to dance a LOT, doing what an article called “pelvic thrusts”.
-Rocky once followed “@iTweetSexFacts” on Twitter, but soon unfollowed them after receiving plenty of attention,
-Rocky retweeted a tweet that says something like “Call me Sir (I forgot), for I have the ability to shake thy mattress.”
-Rocky also responded to a fan tweet asking what he looked like naked, he said he liked that tweet.
-They tend to do occasional covers of songs with sexual hints.
-One of their original songs is called “Cali Girls”, which includes the lyrics “You can see them pretty ladies walking round, high heels in LA, what can I say? Sexy shades, two piece, the girls are looking fine today! It’s getting hot to say!” and “Makes me scream and shout, keep me up at nights! I like them Cali Girls…”
-The original lyrics in Crazy 4 U included “skinny dipping in the pool, or making out”
-There have been countless instances of them saying “sexy”.

Random Photos

18 May

Here’s just a bunch of random pictures of our favorite guys!










R5 Icons on Twitter

18 May

Here’s the icons for each of the members of R5 on twitter right now (Riker just changed his though)
Hopefully you can tell them apart XD
Which one’s your favorite?







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